ok now we have two fanbases of five nights at freddys vs undertale for this page were going to have the two most ionic indie game charcters freddy fazbear from fnaf and sans from undertale first lets start of with freddy fazbear he is the leader of the gang at freddy fazbears pizza he is a bear anmatronic that is haunted by a child spirit killed by the muderer purple guy he can bite into human skull as in the fnaf world app he is in groups with chica bonnie and foxy he has a little of fighting exprince if it was his nightmare version he can play with people minds and then kill them slowy now lets "bone" on over to sans sans is a lazy skenton that leaves his posts often he has his brother papyrus and thinks his brother is cool but you soon find out when you kill papyrus sans wants to kill you to save all the monsters he has great fighting exprince he can dodge at the speed of sound he uses the horse like gaster blasters to fire at its foes now lets get redey for the fight heres the video:

FREDDY FAZBEAR vs SANS! Cartoon Fight Club Episode 6313:55

FREDDY FAZBEAR vs SANS! Cartoon Fight Club Episode 63

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