now first lets talk about Sans sans is a lazy skeleton that leaves his posts often and he likes drinking ketchup and can dodge attacks at the speed of sound and can use gaster blasters and throw bones at his foes he has great fighting skills now unto Ness Ness is the main charcter from Earthbound. Ness is able to use psi teleport making him able to run increadbly fast. Ness can also use Psi Flash which creates very bright lights making enemies feel funny, have uncontrollable crying, and can sometimes K.O an enemies. Ness also has Psi Rockin an increadbly strong attack and undodgeable. Ness is able to heal from sunstrokes, colds, poisons, and many other things. Ness Psi Life up making him able to recover 400 HP. These are just some of Ness's abilities. Ness is not able to Psi fire, Psi magnet, Psi thunder, or Psi starstorm in Earthbound.

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