Omega flowey and asierl dremurr vs chicas magic rainbow and chippers revenge

First off we are going to start of with team flowey flowey is a flower that is bent on destorying people and killing flowey can turn into omega flowey and have a lot of power that having the humans souls he can summon nukes use guns summon flys use flytraps and much more overall omega flowey is a powerful foe with lots of attacks now on to Asierl Dremurr he is a powerful foe with lots of attacks he can use his mega lazer to attack his foes and summon stars to attack his foes and uses his asierl goner to attack as well now on to team chicas magic rainbow chicas magic rainbow is a magical rainbow with lots of powers as well she can use her powerful rainbow lazer cannon but as seen in fnaf world it takes time to charge on to chippers revenge he is like chicas magic rainbow but much more powerful he has no health as seen in fnaf world he can 1 hit kill his foes in my opion i think team Flowey will win who do you think who will win tell me in the comments.

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