Sans Has The Powers Of  Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Karmic Retribution (essentially turns an opponent's sins against them), Bone Manipulation, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Gravity Manipulation, Alternate Timeline Awareness, Able to lock his opponent in place so neither of them will be able to do anything (Sans essentially, in gameplay terms, never takes his turn, forcing his opponent to be locked in an unwinnable combat situation. He was prepared to use this so both he and the player would be stuck in place forever, forcing them the reset and go on another route.), Can attack an enemy's SOUL therefore damaging them on all physical and spiritual levels, Danmaku And Can Dodge Attacks At The Speed Of Sound And Carnages Powers Are  Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Shapeshifting and Sizeshifting (Can restructure the Symbiote in various different ways, such as tentacles, transforming into clothes to disguise itself, or weapons such as axes and daggers), Absorption, Mind Manipulation (By connecting one of his tendrils to someone's brain, he can screw with their mind by sharing his own thoughts and driving them insane), can produce organic webbing, Duplication, can spread his Symbiote to others and possess them, can adhere to and climb nearly any surface, the Symbiote can transmit itself through technology and wiring, Immunity to earthly diseases, poisons, and the Spider-Sense, Regeneration (Mid; has regenerated from being decapitated, having his head blown off, and being torn in half. Low-High for the Symbiote; it can reform itself from a single drop of blood or a few cells) which sans can dodge carnage attacks so the winner of this fight is Sans and basically Sans knows the timelines and can change carnage SOUL into blue and can use his karmic rebution which is basically posion to carnages HP Making the winner sans.