Sir daniel fortesque by thesixthsaint-d96l6r3
Sans Based On

Lets go over the powers of each character starting with sir daniel fortesque

Powers Of Sir Daniel Fortesque Edit

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,Weapon Mastery,Regeneration,Electricity Manipulation,Necromancy,Summoning,Healing,Fire Manipulation,Size Manipulation,Forcefield Creation,Light Manipulation,Resistance To Fire Manipulation,Soul Manipulation,Transmutation,Transformation,Explosion Manipulation

Powers Of Sans Edit

Superhuman Physical Characteristics,Bone Manipulation,Teleportation,Telekinesis,Danmaku,Energy Projection,Status Effect Inducement,Resistance To Heat,Soul Manipulation

Where the battle takes place Edit

It will take place in the judgement hall in undertale tell me who would win in the comments below!

Videos showing what they can do Edit

For Sans:

Undertale Genocide route boss - Sans (dialogue emphasized)

Undertale Genocide route boss - Sans (dialogue emphasized)

For Sir Daniel:

MediEvil Walkthrough

MediEvil Walkthrough